CAN YOUR PARK MODEL RESORT HOMES BE PLACED ON A PRIVATE PROPERTY? A: Our Park Model Resort Homes are built the ANSI 119.5 recreational vehicle (RV) code intended for placement in RV parks and Campgrounds. If interested in placing on private property check with your local building department for direction as to permissibility. Your dealer can also assist in determining legality of placement per local zoning requirements. CAN I PURCHASE FACTORY DIRECT OR GET A PRICE QUOTE ON YOUR WEBSITE? A: Home prices and setup requirements vary greatly based on a number of factors — Region of the country, local construction issues/regulations/materials, equipment needs, and design features, just to name a few. At any one of our Home Centers located throughout the U.S., we are able to sit down with you and work out the specifications that you require on purchasing a Schult Park Model Resort Home. WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY CURRENT HOME? A: Home prices and values are driven by many factors. We suggest that you contact your local Resort Home Park Model dealer who is familiar with local resale values to get an accurate, up-to-date appraisal. Appraisals may take into consideration the location where it is set, if applicable, views, condition of the home, condition of surrounding homes, and any improvements to the home and property. CAN I TRADE IN MY CURRENT HOME? A: In many cases, yes. Any of our Home Centers can assist you with the trade-in process. WHERE CAN I GET A LIST OF OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR A HOME? A: Our local Home Centers are the experts when it comes to available options on the Schult Park Model Resort Homes they sell. Our Home Centers are best equipped to walk you through the options and option packages available on the homes they sell since they have relationships with the local home builders. WHERE CAN I GO TO VIEW A MODEL IN PERSON? A: Locate a Home Center near you. I HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DELIVERY AND SETUP OPTIONS. A: Our Home Centers are the experts when it comes to home delivery and setup options. They would be happy to sit down with you and walk you through the process from preparing the land and selecting a home to delivery and setup. CAN I RENT A HOME FROM SCHULT HOMES? A: Currently, we do not have a rental program in place for our homes. Many communities, however, that represent our homes do have rental homes available for your seasonal or short-term vacation plans. HOW DO I OBTAIN FINANCING? A: The choice of lenders is all yours; we’ll do our best to work with whichever lender you select. You can select from that list of lenders or include a lender that you prefer to work with. CAN I CUSTOM DESIGN A HOME? A: A nearby authorized Home Center is an expert when it comes to custom design options and will be delighted to assist you. Many Schult Park Model Resort Homes building facilities specialize in custom homes while others feature standardized pre-engineered homes to enhance efficiency and value. It is likely that your Schult Home Center and their building partners will be able to work with you to personalize your new home to meet your design and décor desires.